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JITACS can provide various bilingual services to you.
Tax Law Research
Japan is one of the countries that has most complicated tax law system in the world. JITACS can make researches and report to you in English.
Tax Audit Support
If you are experiencing a tax audit, you might want to have an additional resource to cope with the audit. JITACS can visit and assist you.
IFRS Support
IFRS is becoming a de facto standard of international accounting.
JITACS will consider how your company can adopt this standard without sacrificing the efficiency.
Interactions with your auditors are important for this project
Year End Closing Support
Year End Closing is one of the major activities of your accounting operation.At this time, you might need additional resources.JITACS can visit and assist you.
Real Estate SPV Support
JITACS can help you to form a Real Estate Investment Structure.
Appeal to Tax Authority
If you are not satisfied with Tax Authority Decisions, you can appeal to Tax Authority and Tax Tribunal. JITACS can help you for this process.
Other Services
JITACS can also help you in the following tasks.
-Accounting  System Development
-English Agreement Review
-Legal Research
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