Japan International Tax & Accounting Consulting (JITACS) provides System Develpment Support, Tax and Accounting services in Japan. Services are provided by Japanese accountants in English.
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Japan International Tax & Accounting Consulting Services (JITACS) provides System Development Support (related to PeopleSoft FSCM), Tax and Accounting services in English from Tokyo, Japan. English/Japanese bilingual Licensed Tax Accounant (Zeirishi) provides corporate / individual (personal) income tax, consumption tax, JGAAP/US GAAP/IFRS and accounting services.  
 What's new
February, 2015 Consumption Tax (VAT) for International Entertainers
Currently, International Entertainers and athletes etc. have to pay Consumption tax by themselves under certain cirmustances. The government plans to change this law and levy the consumption taxes from Japanese companies that invite them. It is planned to be effective from April, 2016.
Feburuary 2015 PeopleSoft Study Page is Created
New Page to support PeopleSoft products in Japanese.
The contents of this page is increasing. Now, how to setup on your PC is briefly explained in Japanese.
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